406 – 478 – 2356

The reason I am starting this blog is because of the phone number above me. It is a telemarketer, clearly from another country trying to sell me drugs (diabetic, Viagra, etc.). I am going to use this blog as a journal of my experiences with this number.


I will  start with the fact that I have received these calls for about two months, at least one call a day. Since then I have added my number to the do not call list, asked the telemarketers kindly to stop calling me and filed a complaint with the donotcall.gov about this number, and yet no stop yet of the calls. I am going to try to answer as often as possible and give these guys the run around in any way that i can, just for fun.


If you have experienced this number or a facsimile of this one, please share your stories as well…

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