It’s been a while…

…Since I have posted, but the calls have unfortunately not ceased. I went on vacationĀ  for a while and had my phone off. Then as school started again, my life has gotten busier. i have been letting them just go straight to voicemail. This has caused me to set my phones on vibrate and has limited the calls to 3 – 5 a day.

A new poster “Denise” has given me some great ideas about keeping them on the phone for a while asking questions that they cannot answer.

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It’s been a week and I haven’t received a call… Did they get the point?

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Ok, so it’s been w a while since I’ve posted, but recently what I have been doing is s soon as I answer the phone, I tee off into a gibberish rant much like Billy Madison in the following YouTube clip seen here: It’s fun, and they get all confused and hang up, and my 3-year old loves it.

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Hold on…

Today, the telestalkers happened to call while I was driving and pulling into Target, So I picked up and said “Hold on…”. I walked in and left my phone on the passenger seat. When I got back to the car, the telestalker was still had hung up, butĀ  I checked my phone and saw that they had held for 12 minutes!

12 minutes is so much longer than you think it is. Seriously, go call your best friend and tell them to hold, see how long they’ll hold. I doubt it’ll be 12 minutes…

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Now it’s their turn?

The past three days, I have still received the calls, but as soon as I say “Hello”, the telemarketer hangs up. Interesting, but it’ll take more to stop me from messing with you!!!

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Wrong Number

As I was called today I pretended to be genuinely interested in buying some insulin (is that even legal to do without a prescription apparently it is in India). Anyways, when they asked for my credit card number the following conversation took place:

“Yes sir, may I have your credit card number?”

“Yes it’s, 0-0-0-0, 0-0-0-0, 0-0-0-0, 0-0-double 0”

“Um, sir, I think that’s incorrect”

“Nope, that’s it, I am looking at it right here. Expiration date is October 48th, 2031”

“Sir that’s not a valid date”

“Yea it is, it’s just one of those really good cards…”

*Hang up*


This is getting fun… Any suggestions for tomorrow?

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Ok, I’ll order

My first call since starting this blog went like this


“Hello, would you like to buy some Viagara?”

“Yes! Please I want to buy as much as you have!”

“…*Silence*…. Um, sir would you like to buy some Viagara?”

“I said yes! What’s the hold up pal? I need Viagara all day everyday!”


Ten minutes later, a call back.

I picked up the phone like this “Yes, is my Viagara here?”



Ha! I should have started doing this weeks ago…

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